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Experience Full Motion

Full Motion Flight Simulators let you experience the amazing thrill of flying without leaving the ground. You may have played with a computer flight simulator, or even tried a fixed base flight simulator experience - we offer something totally different. The JET-EX B737 Full Motion Flight Simulator was built from the ground up to provide a level of realism far exceeding any experience simulator available anywhere, it is as close as you can get to flying a real jet. 


The JET-EX 737NG simulator parallels the extreme standards of a 'Level D' training machine. With its highly responsive 6 axis Moog motion system, you'll feel everything from the acceleration as you release the brakes to the smallest bumps of the runway concrete right up to severe turbulence.


Once the drawbridge is up, the cockpit door is secured and you’re strapped in on your take off roll, it's very hard to believe you’re still bolted to the ground - This is something totally different, - an experience you won’t want to miss out on and one you will never forget. No flying experience necessary. All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months.

On the day

  • 30, 60, 90 or 120 Minutes at the controls of a full flight simulator.

  • A level of realism far exceeding any other  “experience simulator” in the UK.

  • 6 axis full motion - feel every aircraft movement including  acceleration, runway bumps, turbulence, etc.

  • Training standard simulator using a real Boeing 737 cockpit

  • No flying experience required but sessions are tailored to experience level.

  • You're at the controls for the entire flight.

  • Choose day/dusk/night and weather conditions.

  • 230 degree collimated (focused at infinity) visual system.

  • Computer controlled force  feedback  flight controls.

  • Pre-flight briefing in the simulator.

  • 24,000 airports to choose from including challenging ones for experienced flyers.

  • Friendly and casual atmosphere.

  • Space for a friend in the cockpit jump seat at no extra cost.

  • Lounge area with complimentary refreshments.



Will I have the cockit to myself or do I have to share my time with others ?

You have the sim to yourself (and your guest if you choose to bring one) you will be at the controls all the time.


Can I share the expience friends or family ?

Yes! there is no charge for bringing a friend who can sit in the jump seat, we recommend limiting the cockpit to three people - including the instructor.

Yes! But with the assistance of one of our pilot instructors- if you have some experience with flying or flight sim games you will probably be in control of the sim for the whole time.

Where can I fly?

From / to any current airport. Our flight simulation software has a database of over 24,000 airports, although some airport and scenery areas are more detailed than others.

What happens during my flight?

There is no limit to what you can do during your flight, takoffs, landings, circuits, bad weather, engine failures, even stalls, all in complete safety of course. Just let us know what you'd like to experience, and we'll tailor your time in the sim so you can get the most fun out of it.

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