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Airplane Wing

Future Pilot Cadet Program

Our Future Pilot Cadet Program is aimed at 12-18 year old's who aspire to a carrier in aviation

Our course, delivered by real airline pilots includes a minimum of 10 hours simulator time aims to help set your child on the right path towards the Flightdeck. Giving a realistic overview of what modern day piloting involves as well as the mindset required moving forward to ensure they develop and grow the behaviours sought after by the airlines.


Training is carried out in our state of the art B737-800 Flight Simulator. All controls and systems function just as the real aircraft. Cadets will not just learn the technical aspects of being a pilot but also how to operate as part of a team. Being an airline pilot today is as much about the right behaviours as well as ability, which we emphasise throughout the course.



  • Enrolment (lanyard & Cadet Pilot Pass) 

  • Introduction to the 737

  • Pre flight review

  • Introduction to multi crew flying

  • Cockpit Set Up 

  • Taxi, Take Off, General Handling

  • Flying with automation

  • Introduction to instrument flying

  • ILS approach and landing

  • Non normal events (System Malfunctions, Fires, Cabin Events)

  • Course completion certificate 

Courses start throughout the year. Please call us to check specific availability 0333 3390 737

Course cost: £950

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