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Interview Prep

At this stage of the process, it is likely you possess the same qualifications as other candidates. You are sat in front of a recruitment manager and they are no longer asking questions about angle of attack, they want to know about you! You wouldn't try and wing the technical assessment, the same rules apply to the HR interview.

Whether you are a cadet looking for that first airline role or an experienced airline pilot with many years’ experience the HR interview can be a daunting prospect, but it need not be. What makes us stand out? Our interview preparation sessions are not run by pilots but by experienced business coaches who have conducted countless assessments from junior members of staff up to senior executives. Just like a real assessment we separate out this vital step in the recruitment process

Job interview

What we cover


HR interviews are rarely interested in your technical knowledge. This is covered in your sim and technical assessment. This is the chance to sell you the person. 

Interview Essentials (£99)

This is a 30 minute online discussion to cover the basics of what to expect and what you should prepare. 

To book call 0333 3390 737

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