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Future Pilot Cadet Program - 10 Hours

Future Pilot Cadet Program - 10 Hours

£1,500.00 Regular Price
£950.00Sale Price


  • Training is carried out in our state of the art B737-800 Flight Simulator. All controls and systems function just as the real aircraft. Cadets will not just learn the technical aspects of being a pilot but also how to operate as part of a team. Being an airline pilot today is as much about the right behaviours as well as ability, which we emphasise throughout of the course.



    • Enrolment (lanyard & Cadet Pilot Pass) 

    • Introduction to the 737

    • Pre flight review

    • Introduction to multi crew flying

    • Cockpit Set Up 

    • Taxi, Take Off, General Handling

    • Flying with automation

    • Introduction to instrument flying

    • ILS approach and landing

    • Non normal events (System Malfunctions, Fires, Cabin Events)

    • Course completion certificate 

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