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Our Simulators

We have a combination of fixed base and full motion / full flight simulators, which are located at London Gatwick and Peterborough all of which are regularly used by commercial pilots from both UK and international airlines. We can now provide the general public with access to these and are the only company able to offer the largest choice of Simulator aircraft types for Boeing, Airbus and McDonnell Douglas in the UK.


We can offer all simulator types with a flight performance data-pack. In order to use a simulator for any form of commercial training, it is vital that it has a data-pack.

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Fixed Base Level 1 - 737-800 NG FBS 

All our 737-800 FBS are as realistic as it gets. They provide the ability to operate the aircraft in accordance with aircraft manufacturer and airline procedures both on the ground and in the air. They offer a fully immersive eXperience to all regardless of knowledge or ability; and for those who are professional pilots or simulator enthusiasts, our 737-800 FBS are ideal for aircraft handling, procedural training and LOFT exercises.

Our Business Class cabin* further complements your fully immersive eXperience and provides those travelling with you a cabin equipped with full functioning overhead panels, cabin window visual system, enhanced audio and vibration devices to further stimulate their senses.              *Where fitted.

View more about our Fixed Base Level 1 Simulator

Level 2 - A320 & 737-800 FTD 

Our A320 and 737-800 FTD are fixed base simulators ideal for training up to a type rating level, and can also be used for half of the type rating itself. They each have a performance data-pack, supplied by Airbus & Boeing respectively (Vital for training), full systems layout, iOS station, a 220 degree visual system and dual audio system giving realistic environmental sounds, cockpit audio and intercom for an enhanced immersive eXperience.

Full Motion Level D - FFS

All our Level D devices are certified by the CAA, have full 6 degrees of freedom are used on a daily basis for LPC and the maintenance of licence qualification. We also recommend full flight simulators for engine-inoperative training.


Our full motion simulator eXperiences create the perfect illusion of flight: allowing the general public to take control of a commercial airliner that normally only trained pilots from the UK and other international airlines fly.


On the runway for takeoff and landing feel every bump in the tarmac, eXperience the G forces of acceleration on takeoff and the deceleration of braking after landing, the gentle roll when making a turn and even the sensation of turbulence: when you sit in a full flight simulator, you immediately feel the difference from other types of simulators! Only full flight simulators have a motion system which interprets each and every flight manoeuvre as an actual and authentic movement. State of the art visual and sound systems also mimic different times of day, weather conditions and even the smallest details to accurately simulate reality. You will even see rain drops on the cockpit windows and hear the screeching of tires on the runway during landing.

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