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10 Hour Virtual 737 Type Rating

10 Hour Virtual 737 Type Rating


Whether you have no flying experience at all, a pilot of the future or a retired professional. Our virtual Boeing 737 type ratings will provide you with an insight into the aircraft's systems and the skills needed to fly like a commercial airline Pilot. 


All our virtual type rating courses are run by real Boeing 737 airline pilots!


Split over at least 4 sessions, you will recieve a pre-flight briefing for each simulator session. We can build a schedule that works around you.


Through a series of modules you will be introduced to scan flows, checklists, visual & instrument flight procedures, operating the flight management computer & Autopilot along with how to handle emergencies and working in a multi crew environment.


The course will include the following general aviation modules:


  • General Handling
  • Instrument Navigation
  • Take off and Landing Techniques
  • Use of automation


Along with the specific Boeing 737-800 modules:

  • Aircraft systems and familiarisation
  • Flight management computer use and programming
  • Autopilot & Autothrottle
  • Flying a full A-B flight using airline operating procedures


We treat the simulator like it is a real aircraft with each flight starting with the engines off, you will be responsible for push back, engine start and pre-flight checks, programing the flight management computer and taxiing the aircraft to the runway, you will then undertake multiple flights with each commencing with a thorough briefing and ending with a debriefing. 


With this successfully completed your instructor will then award you your virtual Boeing 737 type rating by signing and presenting you with your personalised certificate of achievement. 


You will be amazed at what you can achieve with 10 hours of intense training!


This experience is suitable for those aged 13 and above. You do not need an aviation background or need to have any previous experience, only a willingness to learn.

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