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20 Minutes - F4 Phantom Full Motion

20 Minutes - F4 Phantom Full Motion

£125.00 Regular Price
£99.00Sale Price


  • • Take the controls of an ex RAF F-4 Phantom simulator and fly a mission under the guidance of an experienced instructor sitting alongside the cockpit
    • After a 25 minute pre-flight briefing you'll climb into the ejector seat of the front cockpit and take the controls for the duration of your chosen flight time - 20,40, 60
    • The simulator combines detailed visual systems, surround sound and hydraulic motion to recreate a realistic flying experience
    • After the flight you'll receive a de-briefing 
    • Sessions can usually be tailored to existing flying ability so it doesn't matter if you have never flown before or are an experienced pilot
    • Flights from 20 minutes will give you a real taste of the controls however longer flights will allow a wider range of situations to be simulated e.g. a 60 minute flight provides enough time to experience day and night landings, aircraft carrier landings, bad weather, air turbulence and even in-flight emergencies

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