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Full Motion Level D  737-800 or A320 FFS

Full Motion Level D 737-800 or A320 FFS


This voucher will entitle the holder access to a simulation experience in one of our 1:1 scale Airbus A320 or Boeing 737-800 NG Full Motion flight simulator – currently operated by airlines such as British Airways, easyJet, Jet2, Ryanair & TUI respectively.


A tailor made flight experience to suit your requirements, ability and experience with the option of a full planning and briefing service that starts at your home to prepare you for an unforgettable eXperience.


Remember to request your FREE e-Books when making your booking.


Depending on the length of your session, we can tailor some of the below steps to give you as much time as possible in the air from takeoff to landing or you may simply want to practice more take off’s and landings, choose from 24,000 airport locations, alternatively how about the challenging eXperience of flying in the Alps or landing at some of the worlds most difficult airports such as Innsbruck,  St. Maarten and Madeira. The choice is yours!



What can I expect in the experience, here are some examples:


  • The Aircraft will be in a completely cold and dark state
  • You will be given a brief introduction to the flight controls, Primary flight displays and various other systems in the aircraft
  • You will undertake an A to B Line Flight - experiencing a real time flight using real world procedures
  • You will be talked through your flight plan and the route
  • You will learn how to program the FMC Flight Management Computer
  • You will go through the aircraft start checklists in order to get the aircraft ready for departure. This includes push back from the stand and starting the engines
  • You will taxi the aircraft to the active runway
  • You will take control of the aircraft and execute a successful takeoff, guided at all times by your instructor
  • After takeoff you will maintain a heading and climb the aircraft to your cruising altitude  
  • When at the cruising altitude for your flight your instructor will show you how to engage the autopilot and then how to control the aircraft by use of the MCP Mode Control panel
  • During the cruise, your instructor will talk you through more aspects of the cockpit and the function and operation of the systems.
  • You will then be given instructions on how to prepare the aircraft for descent
  • You will begin your descent
  • You will fly the aircraft on to the approach at your destination on route to landing
  • You will execute a successful landing
  • You will taxi the aircraft back to a stand at your destination airport
  • When on the stand you will shut down the engines


Finally your instructor will sign and present you with your personalised certificate of achievement.


If you choose to have a personalised gift voucher sent your Voucher style boarding pass, ‘see image’, will be posted out via Royal Mail 1st Class, or if less than 48 hours before your eXperience we will also send you an additional eVoucher via email.


Our Level D FFS full motion simulators are not large spaces, and the facility operates 24 hours a day and is used by the airlines to maintain their pilots currency, all participants must be over the age of 18 and you may only bring a maximum of 2 guests (18 or over) with you to the simulator, unfortunately the centre cannot accommodate more people than this.

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